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The Indonesian Conservation Community

WARSI was formed with the intention to work towards bringing about sustainable development, or, in other words, development that can fulfill the needs and guarantee the welfare and prosperity of people in the present, without endangering the continued survival of future generations.


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We works to revive the principles of conservation of indigenous people and encourage the development of a model of conservation, in particular in Sumatra and in general in Indonesia. WARSI’s goal is to strive for the creation and development of the principles of just community-based conservation based on equivalence, participation, openness and sustainability so as to meet the needs of human life and welfare of the present without threatening the life and needs of the next generation.

Our advocacy and assistance for people living in and around forests, campaigning by publishing bulletins, leaflets, pamphlets, and books, as well as radio broadcasts content creation.

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We regularly publish our work in the form of press releases, bulletins, leaflets, books, posters and banners. Fraction presented on this website and can be downloaded.



On our way, Warsi has worked with the community through several projects funded by national and international organizations. Some of our projects are still running until now and some of them have finished.

budak ebun

Orang Rimba

Habitat and Resources Management For the Orang Rimba 1997-now.

The project is a cooperation between WARSI (Conservation Information Forum) and RF-N (Rainforest Foundation, Norway). The activities of the project support habitat and resources management for the Orang Rimba (Kubu).

The Orang Rimba have been marginalized by the reduction of their habitat due to conversion of forest for oil palm plantations and transmigration settlements.



Integrated Conservation Development Project (ICDP-TNKS) 1996-2002.

Beside general threats as in other National Parks such as illegal hunting, illegal logging, area expansion for farm and plantation, nowadays, there are 468 villages that the community is highly depend economically to the area.

For that reason, Indonesia government applied a management strategy through an Integrated Conservation and Development Project - Kerinci Seblat National Park from World Bank loan and Trust Fund.



Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) 2000-2005.

Social Effort Program toward Decentralization of Natural Resources Management Based on Community in the Southern Part of Sumatra that is called CBFM is a cooperation of WARSI with it’s networking in West Sumatra, Bengkulu, Jambi and South Sumatra.

This activity is conducted in four provinces with different thypology areas that covered the areas locating in protected area, National Park, Consession area, HPH, HTI, big private oil plam plantation, transmigration area and area that is managed by traditional community



Indonesia Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan April–September 2002.

WARSI worked together with Indonesia National Plan in arranging IBSAP document and financed by GEF, WARSI was Regional Coordinator – Sumatra and has responsible to facilitate and ensure all parties to give their contribution maximally in the arranging the documents.


FOrES Trade

Fine Organic Ecologically Sustainable Trade 1997-2002.

Social Effort Program toward Decentralization of Natural Resources Management Based on Community in the Southern Part of Sumatra that is called CBFM is a cooperation of WARSI with it’s networking in West Sumatra, Bengkulu, Jambi and South Sumatra.


Batang hari

Bio Region of Batanghari Water Cachment Area 2002-2006.

Started in September 2002 for 7 months, WARSI financed by DFID-MFP held a pre-implementation of Joint Agreement Development as a new step to support a new perspective of natural resource management by the community through Bioregion Approach of The Batang hari River Watershed, which included two provinces: ( Jambi and West Sumatra Provices).


Tiger Trade

Sumatran Rhinos and Tigers Trade Monitoring Unit (1999 - 2002)

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Indonesia), an independent that has orientation for natural conservation coorporated with WARSI in trade monitoring for Sumatran Rhinos and Sumatran Tigers.

Sumatran Rhino (Dicerorhinus sumatraensis) dan Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) are two of mammals species that are almost extinct. While their spreading and habitat that is only in Sumatra has been fragmanted and damaged.



Natural Forest Product Management by Traditional Community (Desember 1999 - Mei 2000)

This activity was conducted for 6 months at Dusun Sungai Tilan in Aburan Batang Tebo village, Tebo Tengah sub district, Tebo Distric in Jambi Province. This location was also an implementation research area for Community managed Natural Production Forest Experiment in Gajah Mada University’s research area.


Jambi Forest

The Picture of Jambi Forest 2004-2005

KKI WARSI collaborated with BirdLife Indoensia and supported by a number of stakeholders has been trying to arrange an informative document on Jambi forest states in year 1990–2000. This document is hopefully would give valuable contribution for all stakeholders in share learning and as preliminary step to secure remain forests without reducing their use.


MFP Sumatra

Multistakeholder Forest Program Sumatra Region (2004-2006)

KKI-WARSI collaborated with Forestry Berau to decrease the rate of forest degradation and conflict in forest resources management as well as to reduce poverty and to develop the economy in forest surrounding’s community.

The extremely high number of forest resources vanished in Sumatera, followed by constantly rising threat on the remaining of natural forests have been community’s great concern, mainly because of the forest’s vital role in providing community’s basic needs.


Benor FM

Community Radio Benor FM 2011-Now

Benor FM is Orang Rimba's Community Radio. This Radio Station is used to broadcast health and education materials, economic informations, and also communication among them.

Benor FM has won the creative media competition held by Cipta Media Bersama in 2011 and got grant prize. The prize has been used for capacity building and purchase radio equipment.


B30 National Park

Bukit Tigapuluh National Park Rationalization Boundary 2004-2006

KKI WARSI with CEPF (Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund) and GCF (Global Conservation Fund) encourage the government for the declaration of support for proposing extension/rationalization of Bukit Tigapuluh National Park (TNBT) in order to maintain the forest through sustainable management and protection.




1. Ande-Ande Rimba Tahun terbit 2007, cetakan ke 2 tahun 2011
2. Orang Rimba Menantang Zaman tahun terbit 2010
3. Besiar Lokoter Ebun 2010
4. Meretas Aksara Terbitan Elek Media Komputindo 2012
5. 22 Tahun WARSI Bersama Masyarakat 2013
6. Yusak Pahlawan pendidikan Orang Rimba 2013
7. Mengusung Hak Kelola Masyarakat untuk Keadilan dan Keseimbangan Sumber Daya 2013



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About Us

WARSI is an organizational network established in January 1992, with membership made up of twelve NGOs from four provinces in Sumatra (South Sumatra, West Sumatra, Bengkulu and Jambi), whose focus is biodiversity conservation and community development. But since July 2002, WARSI was amended become Indonesian Conservation Community (KKI) - WARSI. The new name is aimed to create an obvious justification of what WARSI has been fighting for is conservation.

WARSI's role as a clearing house of conservation related information will not be restricted to the particular segments of society and organizations already part of the WARSI's network, but will also reach out to other NGOs and community groups outside southern Sumatra. In the coming years, WARSI hopes to be involved with a greater number of organizations and other groups and to have more members of its network, be they private groups or individuals, institutes of higher learning or government agencies, while at the same time becoming better equipped and informed.

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